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Wedding Rain

As you know, I love it when it rains. On this beautiful day client said I do. It was a perfect intimate wedding in Houston Texas at Ronin.

This was my first time shooting at this location. I arrived early, walked around the location to perceive environment, and then stabilized my gimbal. I used my gh5s for videography and took in the moment wedding photos that I will share with the couple. While I was not the official wedding photographer, I enjoyed taking these photos and wanted to share them with you.

Couple were so natural, calm and collected. Happy new day. Below is a picture of the couple holding hands and ready to exchange vows.

Weddings are beautiful and it is always good to keep it intimate with close friends and family. The couple smiling at each other left me smiling while taking these pictures. below are some shots.

Check out details on the groom. Simple is classy.

While groom was out of the picture, I decided to include him in the picture. The brides dress was unique

Here is reminder, there is no competition in weddings. Every wedding is perfect in her on way. Keep in mind that the amount of money spent on your wedding does not indicate how much your love your partner. Enjoy your moment with close friends and family may the love of God keep you together.

I look forward to editing the wedding video and sharing with couple.

Stay blessed xoxo